Consumer Rights

Consumer Rights at Slate Legal Group

Most Americans probably know that they are free to spend their money on the products and services they want, but they might not realize that their rights go much further. In 1962, President John F. Kennedy introduced the Consumer Bill of Rights, a group of six basic rights and protections for consumers. Slate Legal Group represents clients in consumer rights cases and works to protect your consumer rights with every transaction.


Your Consumer Rights


Consumer laws have been clarified and refined many times over the years. However, consumers have several basic rights, including:

  1. The right to safety, which ensures that consumers will not be injured by unsafe products
  2. The right to choose freely, which means that consumers can choose from among a variety of options from a variety of companies
  3. The right to be heard, which provides consumers with an outlet for complaints or concerns and a resource to manage the issue appropriately
  4. The right to be informed, which ensures that consumers will have access to the information they need to make informed choices
  5. The right to education, which ensures that consumers are educated to make appropriate marketplace decisions
  6. The right to services, which ensures that consumers have access to appropriate services


In the real world, these rights are used to determine whether companies are misleading consumers, operating monopolies, using false advertising or otherwise abusing or violating consumers’ rights.


Have Your Rights Been Violated?

The Consumer Bill of Rights is simply a set of guidelines rather than laws, and each state has its own set of formal laws and guidelines. To determine if your rights have been violated, Slate Legal Group will evaluate your case. We can determine if you have experienced a prohibited form of abuse, determine how you can prove that you were wronged and evaluate the strength of your case.

When a business violates consumers’ rights, it’s not just a matter of poor ethics. They’re violating the law, and their actions can cause lasting harm in their victims, including emotional trauma, financial damage and physical damage, in the case of product liability. We’ll fight to protect your rights and help you get the justice you deserve. Contact our team today to learn more or schedule a free case evaluation with Slate Legal Group.